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Golden Dog

Our Story

We are a small, family-run foster-based dog rescue located in the PNW wonderland. We provide shelter dogs with the medical and behavioral care they so desperately need so their lives are not ended prematurely. We work with our local reputable dog rescues and the SW Humane Society to provide backup support for dogs that may be exhibiting stress, need additional training, behavior modifications or medical treatments. 


Dogs have been a part of our family from as early as I can remember. In fact, they were always included in the family photos. My grandmother, whom I always looked up to, didn’t trust anyone that didn’t like dogs. Dogs have always been my passion and helping homeless dogs has always been my dream. To fulfill that dream, I went to Bel Rea institute of veterinary technology in Denver CO. I have been a licensed veterinary technician since 2000. I got involved with fostering in 1999 when I took in a group of greyhounds who were rescued from a racetrack. While attending vet tech school, I worked at an animal hospital that donated procedures such as sterilization, vaccinations and anything else they may need. I always knew I wanted to help those who were most vulnerable. 

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